functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy

The highest density fNIRS system. Remarkably ergonomic.

The NIRSIT system is the first fNIRS system that provides millimeter-level spatial resolution while also providing high temporal resolution (125 ms / 8 Hz). The system defied conventional thinking that fNIRS imaging cannot provide comparable spatial resolution to the more expensive and stationary - fMRI and PET systems. NIRSIT is the culmination of three core/ pioneering technologies: 1) dense packing of laser and photo diodes, 2) code-division multiple access (CDMA) and time division multiple access (TDMA) modulation for high temporal resolution, and 3) monolithic IC implementation for high SNR.

The NIRSIT System

  • Ground breaking joint optimization of system level architecture, circuits and signaling schemes.
  • Single IC system for high SNR and size efficiency.
  • Light (500 grams), compact, and portable: Just grab and go.
  • Easy-to-use: Just follow step-by-step instructions on the tablet app.
  • Easy-to-setup: Gain calibration < 1 min.
  • Wireless: No wires means that users can freely move around within the range of the network.
  • Unmatched Performance: photogrammetry for localization, 6-axis gyroscope and proprietary algorithm for motion artifact removal, save, retrieve and play back data using tablet provided or any computer.


The NIRSIT solution specific for kids

  • At 180 grams, the system is designed to fit the head sizes of children from pre-school to high school.
  • 15 channels with short channel separation ( 8 mm).
  • Incorporates all the revolutionary features of the standard NIRSIT system (wireless, no exposed optical elements and cables, motion artifact removal, real time HbO2, HbR, HbT monitoring, high temporal resolution of 8 Hz, 9 axis motion sensor, etc.)