Neural Navigator Essentials

Neuromodulation (TMS, LIFU or tES) requires accurate placement of the coils or electrodes over the targeted brain area.

Conventional placement methods in neuromodulation are based on external landmarks of the head (e.g 5 cm rule).

This leads to inaccuracies in targeting of this brain area. To overcome this problem, an individualized MRI scan of the subject can be used to accurately guide the coils or electrodes to the specific brain target in order to correct for differences in the shape and the size of that specific brain (MRI- guided neuronavigation).

Our Neural Navigator "Essentials" uses electromagnetic tracking for neuronavigation with an accuracy of at least 4mm and herewith efficient  stimulation of targeted brain regions is assured.

The software offers an easy workflow for uploading an individual MRI image, performing brain segmentation, and creating stimulation targets in the brain.